About Petrotech Marine Consultants

Petrotech Marine Consultants (Private) Limited first established operations in
Singapore in November 1991, since which time it has steadily increased its client base and built
a solid reputation as providing very high expertise in the following areas:

Loss Control / Risk Management Services

Expert Advice and Accident Investigation
(Legal/Commercial/Insurers & Owners)

Attendance at Court/Arbitration as Expert Witness

Pre Purchase/Charter Vessel Inspections

Ship to Ship Transfer Service

Fuel Oil/Gasoline Shipboard Blending

Terminal Audit Service
(Trader/Terminal Clients)

Newbuilding Superintendency

Towage Approval Surveys

Our local Managing Director, Captain Nigel John Snowden (formerly of Snowden McLeod
and Associates Ltd UK) brings some 18 years of seagoing experience to the venture, as well as
considerable experience gained in associated marine activities (Ship Management, Marine
Consultancy, Marine Surveying) since ending his seagoing career.